Express with Ease- Students Speak

Students Take on the New Education Policy

About the Webinar

The power of the youth is the common wealth of the entire world. No segment in society can match the power, idealism, enthusiasm and courage of young people. VUTV by Vijaybhoomi is proud to present its latest series “Express with Ease- Students Speak” where we invite students to share their ideas and perspectives on contemporary issues. The youth is an integral part of our society and it is essential that we give them a platform where they can express themselves without any restrictions. 

In school education, the New Education Policy  focuses on overhauling the curriculum, “easier” Board exams, a reduction in the syllabus to retain “core essentials” and thrust on “experiential learning and critical thinking”. In a significant shift from the 1986 policy, which pushed for a 10+2 structure of school education, the new NEP pitches for a “5+3+3+4” design. Join us in a brand new episode of Express with Ease- Students Speak where we will be joined by a dynamic student panel consisting of Ms. Aanvi Gaur, Ms. Khushi Baheti, Ms. Punarnava Jha and Ms. Aanchal Poddar as they dissect the ramifications of this policy on school education.

  • Kritika Padode

    Advocate, Board Member, Vijaybhoomi

  • Punarnava Jha

    MGD School, Jaipur

  • Aanvi Gaur

    MGD School, Jaipur

  • Aanchal Poddar

    MGD School, Jaipur

  • Khushi Baheti

    MGD School, Jaipur

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