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Let's Talk Immunity - Keeping Colds & Flu at Bay

About The Webinar

It can start with a tickle in the throat, that achy-all-over feeling, or a cough and runny nose that lets off the moment you step into a room full of people. This winter, cold and flu viruses are everywhere, and by now, everyone wants to just be well for a little while. What can you have on the shelf to help strengthen your immune system and prevent symptoms from showing up and sticking around? What are the natural remedies that can help keep you healthy?

Dr. Owen Wiseman has a long history of guiding and helping others rebuild their health. He shares clinical research on echinacea and how it can support the immune system of both children and adults.
In this talk with Dr. Owen Wiseman, you’ll learn:

  • How stress compromises your immune system and what you can do to fight back

  • How to minimize the impacts of long-COVID and support your recovery

  • About the benefits of eating well against viral infections​​​​​​​

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