Why SPACs are BOOMING in 2021...

In 2021, there was a 68% increase in the number of SPACs going public. As interest in the public capital markets has boomed, with it has been an alternative method of going public.

  • What are SPACs and what is the purpose of a SPAC?
    While originally created in the early 1990's, the recent surge in popularity of SPACs has brought them to the foreground. So, what is a SPAC and why have they become popular?

  • SPAC or SCAM?
    This potentially lucrative investment vehicle has gained incredible popularity at incredible speeds due to high profile SPACs created by the likes of Richard Branson and Jay-Z. But does that mean all SPACs are good investments? What are the downsides of this newly popular mechanism.

  • SPAC on or SPAC off?
    What is the future of SPACs have in store? Will there be another year with nearly 68% increase? Or will there be other mechanisms that arise to achieve the same purpose? Find out at the link below!

  • Joe Cecala

    Dream Exchange Founder and CEO

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