The 5 Steps Health Coaches Are Using To Attract High Paying Clients And Generate $5K-$20K+ Per Month Working Online

(without having a large following on social media, endless low cost coaching sessions or complicated funnels)

Here's What You'll Discover: 

  • The 5-step game plan health coaches are using to grow from total beginners to generating five figures per month, even if they don't have a large following online.

  • The real reason why low-cost coaching sessions, membership sites and giving away "tips and tricks" is the WORST way to generate income as a health coach (and what to do instead if you want to grow impact and revenue).

  • The BEST way to build a health coaching program to attract clients who pay 2X, 3X and even 10X more than you're charging right now ... even if you're a beginner health coach. 

  • How to finally get MORE enrollments and income without doing more discovery calls. 

  • The one strategy that allowed us to go from barely making a few thousand dollars per month to hitting over $100K in just 12 months as health coaches.

  • And, how to do all this WITHOUT having to be on every single social media platform, blogging daily and doing other things that take a lot of time without delivering the results.

  • Presenter: Yulia Tarbath

    Yulia Tarbath has 8 years of experience as a wellness coach online. During this event, she'll share proven strategies to help you attract more wellness coaching clients, create your signature program and grow your income ... even if you're a beginner coach.

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