How to Leverage Your Most Profitable Skills in Your Business

In one hour, learn how to maximize your time, profit and joy!

The success and survival of your business is a byproduct of your passion, purpose and power as a business owner. It is why we teach Black female entrepreneurs how to strategically run their businesses in ways that first edifies them - which inevitably edifies their business.

This webinar is a Power Hour that will take your business to the next level. The fundamentals are reflective of the effectiveness of our 6-Week Blaze Business Intensive that women around the country have benefited from. 

This webinar is for Black Women who
- Have big ideas and a passion for what they do,
but are unsure of how to price offerings to maximize profitability.
Are burnt out and exhausted - juggling business building,
motherhood, relationships, and community responsibilities. 
- Feel overwhelmed from playing catch up, given there
are so many things to learn.
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