The ULTIMATE WEBINAR with Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND, Herbalist

SUPER CHARGE Your Immune System Now!

  • Are YOU prepared for the upcoming flu season?
    ​​​​​​​Learn the Importance of a healthy immunity! Parts of the immune system, Signs and Symptoms of low immunity, Essential GUT health, super charging the Lymphatic system, and much more!

  • Foods to increase and which ones to avoid.

    Diet certainly matters when it comes to our health. Learn about super foods, mushrooms, herbs, and more.Learn what destroys your immune system!

  • How does Stress and Sleep Impact Immunity?

    Simple, yet powerful techniques to lower your stress response, sleep better and deeper, and increase your health. 

  • Learn about the Body's Frequencies!

    What does it take to maintain vital health and avoid disease?  Some eye-opening discoveries you need to know! We'll even discuss simple daily practices that strengthen immunity.

  • Nutrients, Supplements, Essential Oils, Homeopathy....?  

    What do you need to take daily, and have on hand? Discover the Top 10 Anti-Viral Herbs and More! PDF Hand-outs Included!! Worth It's weight in Gold!  Join Us!!

  • Dr. Jane Smolnik, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Herbalist, Iridologist

    Webinar Host

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