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    We wont be silenced

    Racing against time - director, Mark Titus brings his previously scheduled in-person, cross country, film screening tour to audiences now, virtually.

    While much of the world is on hold due to COVID-19, one controversial Canadian-owned mining project, “Pebble Mine”, in Alaska finds its perfect storm for completion.  If the mining project
    receives their permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), it will be North America’s largest open-pit copper and gold mine; its waste could contaminate critical waters that feed the last fully-intact wild salmon system on earth. The approval process moves forward unhindered while the world is distracted. The USACE expects to render their decision by August 30th .

    How do the people of Bristol Bay attempt to save what they love? That’s exactly the question filmmaker Mark Titus asks in his documentary The Wild, a multi-festival award winning film. What
    started as a passion project is now a movement, not just for Alaska residents, but celebrities, fishermen, businesses, fishing companies, educators, influencers, chefs, tribes and former lawmakers around the country to raise awareness about what could be lost forever if this mine is approved. 

    This is why we care:

    The EPA estimates the mine could grow to be nearly as deep as the Grand Canyon, cover an area larger than Manhattan, and could fill a major football stadium up to 3,900 times with mine waste

    ↪︎ This proposed low-grade Sulphur mine would be is located upstream of Bristol Bay Alaska’s twomost productive river systems

    ↪︎ The location is in a seismically active region, where ground shifting could contribute to the risk of a massive tailings-dam breach

    ↪︎ Indigenous people and others stand to lose a generations-old culture and an organic food supply that could last forever if undisturbed

    ↪︎ Threatens the $1.8 billion fishing industry, 14,000 American jobs and 46% of the world’s supply of sockeye salmon

    As the “Pebble Mine” project presses forward, join Titus and the ever-growing Bristol Bay network to save what we love by insisting the USACE delay its permitting process until the U.S. is out of the woods from the pandemic that’s crippling it.

    We invite you to talk with Titus and special guests LIVE after the screening about how we can fight back.

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  • Mark Titus

    Director of The Wild & The Breach

  • Melanie Brown

    Native Bristol Bay fisherman and organizer for Salmon State Alaska

  • Joel Reynolds

    Western Director of NRDC

  • Chris Wood

    CEO Trout Unlimited

  • Dr. Susan Lubetkin

    Environmental statistician and author of the scientific comment deconstructing the spill risks of Pebble’s transportation corridor

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