Don't miss this chance to see how Chris plans - and reaches - his outcomes for the next year!

Plan Your 2023 Agile Practice With Chris Williams!

Are you in the EXACT SAME SPOT as in 2022?

Too often, we show up, do the jobs we're expected to do. We learn and recite what the industry wants us to recite.  And we end up with the same outcomes as last year.  The same as everyone else.

What would it be like to have an EXCITING 2023 ahead of you? If you were intentional about your growth and success this year?  Kick off the new year with Chris Williams, the host of The Badass Agile and Badass Agile Entrepreneur podcasts, and master coach of The Forge, to find out how  he's planning for growth, success and fulfillment in the next 365 days!

What You'll Get in This Webinar

  • Make More Impact; Help More People

    You love Agile because it represents change.  So how can you reach more people and create more fulfillment and success for them in 2023?

  • Stop Following, Start Leading

    Enough books and courses-time to create your own voice, plot your destiny, and lead with certainty!

  • Create More Value - and DEMAND - in the Market

    You want to be SURE you can get the best roles and compensation, and be the person everyone wants to hire!

Webinar Hosts

  • Chris Williams

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