3 Legal Strategies for Successful Aging at Home

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About the Webinar

Do you want to stay at home as you age, even if you need additional care? If so, you need to make sure you understand the legal planning needed to make your dream a reality. 

Register today for this educational webinar that you can watch on-line, in the comfort and safety of your home to find out what can you do NOW to ensure you can stay at home as long as possible… and in the most cost-efficient manner. 

​​​​​​​Learn About...

  • How to get your medical ducks in a row - Do you know your options to make the most of medical/long term care at home? Were you aware that Medicare does not pay for long term care? 

  • How to marshal your assets and set up a safe harbor for your money. do you know which assets are liquid if you need them and which you should spend first on care versus other expenses? Do you know the tax consequences? 

  • Important legal documents that you will need as well as important provisions to include. These provisions will help make sure you are in control and name your choice of a helper if you are not able to manage by yourself. 

  • How to start the 2, 3 and 5-year safe harbor "clocks" that can help preserve your assets whether you are at home or in a facility. 

  • The types of assistance you might need, e.g. chores, prescription management, handling your money, and who can provide that care...competently, preserving your privacy at a cost you can afford?

  • How to assess whether you can make it to the finish line with your income. How long will your money last? What penalties or other problems might you face accessing your money? 

  • What-if scenarios to cover the things that life presents such as needing care sooner than planned, losing your caregiver or changes in your income or assets that may affect your ability to stay home. 

  • All who attend will receive a free copy of "5 Essential Questions to Ask an Attorney About How to Age at Home in COVID Times". 

  • Thom Cooper

    Over thirty years ago, Thom Cooper created the law firm that would become Cooper, Adel, Vu & Associates with the goal of representing seniors in a way that maximized their independence and minimized the stress and burden placed on loved ones. Since then, Attorney Cooper has provided educational seminars throughout Ohio to spread the word about estate planning and elder law. *Thom is one of only 24 attorneys in Ohio that are dually certified by the National Elder Law Foundation (NELF) as a Certified Elder Law Attorney and the Ohio State Bar Association as a Specialist in the Area of Elder Law. Additionally, he was among the charter members certified by NELF in 1995.

  • Ted Brown

    is a partner focusing on the firm's healthcare and tax planning team. He regularly works with clients who have family farms or businesses to develop a comprehensive strategy to incorporate those entities into their estate and asset protection plan.

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