Increasing Through Challenges

Before you continue, please note the following:
1.  This is a live, interactive webinar/meeting.  There will be NO recorded replays of this event. Space is limited to 10 attendees.  If the event is full, you will be added to the wait list for the next series, which will be scheduled immediately in order to accomodate everyone.
2.  After you complete the payment screen, you MUST follow the link to complete your registration.  You will not be registered or comfirmed if you do not complete this step.
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  • Robin Currie

    Webinar Host

  • Lauren Muscarella

    Webinar Moderator

  • In this series, Robin Currie will take you through the Currie Model, and help you develop specific strategies for rapid response to the changing marketplace.  This is a highly interactive series.  Robin will also share industry trends and anecdotal circumstances that are occurring now, among the equipment distribution network.  Specific analysis for dealerships according to Financial Composite data, will be offered.

    SPECIAL BONUS OFFER:  after the webinar series, each participating company is invited to schedule a one-on-one web meeting, with Robin, for your team.

  • Session One, September 21, 2020  11:00am to 12:30pm EST
    Identify and Repair​​​​​​​

    General Session 60 minutes:  In this segment, we provide an array of powerful tools.  Some of them are new, and some of them require a renewed focus.  Let’s open the toolbox:  Currie Financial Model, Currie Forecasting Tool, Currie Gap Analysis, and Model Balance Sheet projection.  You will receive next-level empowerments and a detailed roadmap to discover where you are.  And, you will know the direction, with confidence.

    Includes Open Forum, Q & A 30 Minutes

  • Session Two, September 28, 2020  11:00am to 12:30pm, EST
    Quicken and Execute

    Questions from Session One, 15 minutes

    General Session 60 minutes:  The Sales Department is often our first line of offense.  In this moment, we must structure an efficient, well-managed team of people who want to win.  In addition, we will cover Parts and Service Departments, with detailed action items to keep the team on track for mastery in Gross Profit achievement, Employee Productivity, and Expense Control.
    Includes Open Forum, Q & A 15 Minutes​​​​​​​

  • Session Three, October 5, 2020  11:00am to 12:30pm EST
    Learn and adjust

    Questions from Session Two, 15 minutes

    ​​​​​​​General Session 60 minutes:  This session is where we evaluate and fine tune our vision and strategy.  Action items will be developed.  Addiitonal learning and resources will be reviewed.
    Includes Open Forum, Q & A 15 Minutes​​​​​​​

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