Technology FTW: practical ways to communicate with your community and promote your businesses without making everyone crazy

About the Webinar

People running economic development and local business organizations know that they have to get good, useful, reliable information out to their community -- and do it NOW.  But too many of the resource guides and directories coming out since the pandemic consist of small-text laundry lists that give the overwhelmed user a headache before they get to anything they can use.  Which isn't surprising, since "User Interface Expert" and "Tech Genius" isn't on most of our resumes. 

But Cambridge Local First didn't let that stop them.  

You won't want to miss this deep dive into the technologies, tools, design strategies and more that Cambridge Local First and its partners have been using to make it easy for businesses and residents to find the foods, services, and resources that they want.  Join us as we explore the tech that's not only possible, but being used right now!

  • Della Rucker

    Principal, Wise Economy Workshop

  • Theodora Skeadas

    Executive Director, Cambridge Local First

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