About The Masterclass

This masterclass explores how self-compassion can be the missing piece you need to transform your mindset into one of hope, optimism and joy!
Discover how the relationship between mindfulness, self-mastery, connectivity and taking proactive steps to be kind to yourself, can help you pivot from defeat to having a more positive outlook on life! 

Hear from the founder of MindLight, workplace stress and mindfulness experts, as we explore the neuroscience behind self-compassion, some easy meditation practises you can do at home, and how it links to self-mastery, connectivity, mindfulness and proactive steps.

Katherine Pinczuk, Founder of MindLight
Katherine is an Internationally Qualified Meditation Teacher. Her passion for exploring various philosophies, and her ongoing commitment to researching the scientific evidence supporting the value of meditation techniques, have synthesised into offerings that are both innovative and leading-edge.  She unwaveringly believes that we all deserve to live a life of wellbeing, vitality and joy. 
She works to help organisations reduce and manage workplace stress amongst their employees by implementing regular mindfulness practises and easy steps for clarity and focus at work and at home.

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