Identify the Difference - Income, Value & Growth Stocks 

About The Webinar

This 2 hours webinar, you will able to identify the difference between "Income", "Value" & "Growth", it will help every investor to:

- Avoid the pitfall of holding on to a basket of value stocks that are non-performing

- Avoid  investing in over-valued growth stocks that are risky during an unexpected event

  • Distinct differences between Income, Value & Growth stocks, the key characteristics to differentiate between them

  • Identify and screen between Income, Value & Growth stocks, learning how to shortlist them between various markets 

  • Manage the profits and risks between Income, Value & Growth stocks, the way to manage their profits and risks is different 

  • Kon How

    Kon How has more than 25 years of trading experience in the finance industry. He is an investment strategist, managing his own fund and he founded Weipedia Private Limited. Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group and Singapore Exchange engaged him in developing educational programmes. He served as a community leader with Citizens' Consultative Committees and also a former board member of a VWO. He specializes in the study of behavioural science or the market psychology of the macrotrend and forensic price behaviour. He is also an expert in risks management. His company also provides expert witness, opinion and writing services in assisting arbitration process for trading disputes.

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