Awakening Ajna

"The third eye is the seat of your soul, it is the doorway to every realm, it has the power to unravel every mystery and  is the light that will illuminate the  studies of your own truth.”

This free webinar is a gentle exploration of the third eye, which is one of the most incredible jewels of connection we have!

It is through the visions of the third eye that we are able to understand ourselves and the Universe. Opening your third eye, opens you to the truth of your soul and magically connects you to all that is. During this webinar, I will be sharing tools that help you to engage and energize your third eye.

We will experience “third eye connection’’ by seeing the light-scapes of our souls which is an incredibly beautiful experience of self. Here in this spacious connection, we will hear the whispers that our souls want to share with us…

I will also be sharing tips on how to use your third eye to expand your intuition, deepen your instinct and improve connection to your guides.

I hope that many of you can join me in circle x

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