on Channeling and Connection 


“Channeling is your birthright, a gift that is yours to open and one that will enrich your life with infinite wisdom and possibilities.”

During this free webinar, I will be sharing exercises and guidance to help you unlock your own unique gifts of Channeling. Connecting to Spirit is your birthright, it is a gift that everyone has a right to access and one that will enrich your life in so many ways. I cannot express how wonderful it is to open up connection and communication with your spirit guides. Since learning to channel, my life has been one magical adventure after another. I have an ever-unfolding understanding of myself and the Universe and I feel so supported in each step of the adventure.

I believe that no matter what your path is channeling is an investment into it because it teaches you to expand your understanding of everything. Channeling is very personal and there are many different ways to channel, it often reminds me of music, for like with music the magical combinations and expressions of channeling are endless. This webinar will be an opening, a doorway, to some of them. It is to help you start to explore this birthright, giving you tools that you can use to open your connection chakras and create the inner space that allows you to receive guidance.

This free webinar is a gift to you with love from
​​​​​​​The Starlight Temple

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