Pie & AI: Vienna
Why You Should Start Using
AI-generated Fake Data

Up to 75% of data stored in enterprises is estimated to sit unused. Nonetheless, synthetic data generation is one of the fastest growing fields in AI. Why would anyone want to create more data if they aren't using what they already have? In this talk, we will explore how synthetic data generation can help leverage more of today's available data. Privacy concerns are one of the most common factors limiting data usage and one for which synthetic data provide a unique solution. In addition, synthetic data can also help counteract imbalanced and biased data. Using practical examples, we will showcase what can already be achieved with today's available methods. Finally, we will explore tools available to explore the field and gain insights on the potential and challenges involved.

Klaudius Kalcher is Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist at MOSTLY AI, a software technology company that provides synthetic data solutions to enterprises in multiple industries. His focus is on measuring and improving the utility and privacy of synthetic data, as well as exploring how synthetic data can improve the experience of working with data.

  • Charles H. Dietz

    Webinar Host

  • Klaudius Kalcher

    Webinar Host

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