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Learn how to immigrate to the UK with a Global Talent Visa​​​​​​​

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The latest ‘UK Innovation Strategy’ launched by the Home Office offers a prominent stage to promising digital technology leaders like yourself to get a chance to work in the UK tech industry and gain settlement in the UK, and even bring your dependants- on a Global Talent Visa.

Webinar Agenda

  • What are the key benefits of this category?

  • What are the eligibility requirements, and how to meet these?
  • What is the application process?

  • Busting the myths related to Global Talent Visa.
  • What are the common errors made by applicants when applying for this category, and how can you avoid them?
  • Yash Dubal

    Director A Y & J Solicitors | Immigration Lawyer | Thought Leader | Sponsor Licence | Sole Rep Visa | Global Talent Visa Expert

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