Unleashing Your Trading Potential: Master the Market with Proven Hedge Fund Strategies

Making 2024 the Best Trading Year

​​​​​​​We show in detail trades we like now, and the tactics you can copy of the world's best traders.​​​​​​​ Simple.

  • Alpesh Patel OBE

    CEO, Praefinium Partners Asset Management, Financial Times Author, Hedge Fund Manager. BBC Newspaper Reviewer.

  • ​​​Important Trading Opportunities Now
    A trading business plan and strategy shown in simple steps to achieve our goals and why 70% lose money trading and become gamblers

  • Simple Strategies Work the Best

    The best in the world at what he does; used by Bloomberg TV with his own show and Financial Times with his own column 'The Diary of an Internet Trader', Alpesh will explain the simpler strategies for profits and show you them live on screen.

  • Learn from a CEO and Leading Traders

    Alpesh uses his own expertise as CEO of Praefinium (a hedge fund) and from the leading traders of the world who are part of his autobiography - 'The Mind of a Trader' - so good that the Financial Times published it

  • Free Trading Business Plan and Strategies

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