Legal Careers in 2025: Parents Roundtable

About the Webinar

How do we help our children discover the inner lawyer in them?How do we help our children discover their passion?What will the legal profession look like in the year 2025? In this constantly evolving world, parents are faced with numerous questions like this while helping their children navigate their career paths.

Join us as we discuss the changes in the legal profession, finding the ideal Law School in the current climate and much more with Dr. Atish Chattopadhyay, Vice-Chancellor, Vijaybhoomi University; Dr. Navneet Sharma, Dean, Vijaybhoomi University; Dr. Azim Khan, Academic Director, SIT Graduate School, USA; Mr. Yusuf Abdul Kareem, Vice President-Emerging Markets, LSAC. Our panelists will be conversing with our moderator Ms. Kritika Padode Bhandari, Advocate, NLU Delhi Alumnus on the topic "Legal Careers in 2025: Parents Roundtable" on 24th July at 6pm IST. 

  • Dr. Navneet Sharma

    Dean, Vijaybhoomi University

  • Dr. Atish Chattopadhyay

    Vice-Chancellor, Vijaybhoomi University

  • Dr. Azim Khan

    Academic Director, SIT Graduate School, USA

  • Yusuf Abdul Kareem

    Vice President-Emerging Markets, LSAC

  • Kritika Padode Bhandari

    Advocate, NLU Delhi Alumnus

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