Cyber Risks and Response: A Panel of Experts

Please join the Greater Milwaukee Safety Council and Johnson Financial Group for a webinar about cyber risks and response. Topics discussed in the webinar will include:

-What statistics say about your chance of an event, impact from events and losses  -What are the ongoing and new COVID-19 events within cyber risk?  -Insurable hurdles and questions you should ask about your policy…what’s “included” in your commercial insurance policy, either free or for a small charge, cyber coverage vs standalone specialized coverage  -Next steps: when you think something has happened what’s next?  -Stories and events we’ve seen and helped with: what has been learned, do’s and don’ts (as well as outcomes)

Please note Internet Explorer is not compatible with the webinar system.  Please use Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or another web browser to be able to register and view the webinar.   

  • Greater Milwaukee Safety Council

    Webinar Host

  • Dave Manke

    Johnson Financial Group

  • Randy Raymond

    Johnson Financial Group

  • Brian McNulty

    Johnson Financial Group

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