Medicare Exchange - 2023 AEP Preparation

About the Webinar

Join Us as we prepare for AEP 2023. 
The biggest hurdle for NEW production during AEP is the time it takes to maintain currrent customers.  Join us as we breakdown our Medicare Exchange platform.  Medicare Exchange is proven to increase your efficiency, giving you more time to meet more clients. 

  • What is Medicare Exchange?

    Let us show how this tool can help you during AEP for Renewals and New Business. 

  • Compare, Quote and Enroll

    We will show you how to create profiles, compare plans, compare perscription costs and enroll customers.

  • SOA and Enrollments 

    Learn to efficiently capture SOA and enrollments via Text, Email or Face to Face. 

  • AHIP Reimbursement

    Those that attend and submit 1 Medicare Advantage, Cost Plan, or Medicare Supplement application will qualify to get AHIP reimbursed. 

  • Call Recording 

    Coming soon!  Call 866.680.2907 for more details.

  • Cris Zimmerman

    Webinar Host

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