A FREE, live Q&A with two authors
​​​​​​​and their astonishing stories inspired by the sea
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Authors Emma Stonex & Raynor Winn chat to a live audience about the inspiration behind their books concerning life's real struggles
​​​​​​​and the power of the sea

About this live event...

The sea has inspired many tales; of loss, despair, courage and hope. This event brings together two coastal stories: one, an intoxicating mystery drawing upon real events, and the other an absorbing memoir brought about by the worst possible news. Both books showcase how, when confronting the unthinkable, the power of the written word can hold the reader in its grip for a long time to come.

Join Sarah and Elane chatting with Emma Stonex & Raynor Winn and ask your questions in the live chat box.

  • Raynor Winn's gripping tale of life's struggles set against the backdrop of the meandering coastal path of Somerset, Devon and Cornwall received much critical acclaim, Costa shortlisted recognition, Waterstones non-fiction Book of the Month and Sunday Times bestseller status. Beautifully crafted and steeped in nature, The Salt Path continues its inspirational story of Raynor and her husband Moth in the equally absorbing follow-up, The Wild Silence​​​​​​​. Walk the sea-swept 630 miles with Raynor and Moss as they lose everything and attempt to rediscover life in the most unexpected ways. 

  • An atmospheric debut by Emma Stonex is already hailed in several media round-ups as one of the best books of 2021 ahead of its March release! The Lamplighters are a trio of keepers who vanished from a locked Cornish lighthouse, miles from shore one night in 1972. Twenty years later the women struggling to come to terms with their loss are urged to dredge through their darkest moments to help the truth resurface. Inspired by Emma's love of lighthouses, this compelling read is all at once a mystery, a haunting tale and a story of grief and love which blurs the lines between the real and the imagined.

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