AI-Powered SEO Tactics

Unleashing the Organic Revenue Surge for High-Volume Sellers

AI is here to stay. And, with increasing CAC and paid advertising costs, leveraging it for SEO can be a game-changer for e-commerce sellers. 
In this virtual event, we'll go over the exact process and the AI tools 8+ figure e-commerce sellers use to scale their organic traffic AND organic revenue.
...AND 2 lucky attendees will win a FREE SEO Audit ($950+ value)

Thursday, June 22nd, 1pm EST/10am PST

  • What are the leading AI tools for e-commerce sellers?
    We'll dig into all the AI tools high-volume sellers use and how to leverage them.

  • Is AI going to be able to optimize all of your SEO?
    We'll go through everything AI can and can't do to make sure that you know exactly how to leverage the available tools.

  • How do I focus on organic revenue and not just traffic?
    We'll discuss the CRO aspect of SEO and how you can make sure that even your blog is optimized for conversion.

  • What process should be put in place with AI to scale your SEO efforts?
    We'll dive into not only all of the tools you can use but how to use them and the process of putting them into place to improve your organic rankings.

  • What else is there?
    So much more! PLUS, we're giving away A LOT! 2 lucky attendees will win a FREE SEO Audit ($950+ value!), and everyone is going to walk away with something too!

Event Presenters

  • Andrew Maff

    Founder/CEO at BlueTuskr

  • Cassidy Burns

    SEO Manager at BlueTuskr

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