The X-Plan with Bert Fulks

Canterbury School is pleased to welcome Bert Fulks, the creator of the X Plan, to discuss building a foundation of trust with our children.

Bert’s simple parenting idea went viral several years ago: if your teenagers find themselves in a situation where they feel uncomfortable or trapped, they can text a family member an X. That family member will then call, giving the teen a way out while still maintaining their freedom.

Bert has expanded this concept in his book "X-Plan Parenting" to emphasize the importance of developing an allied relationship between you and your kids, instead of trying to be your child’s best friend or their adversary. When kids know parents have their backs, they can grow into who they were made to be.

Bert is a former teacher and a father of three. With nearly 30 years’ experience working with kids, Bert insightfully provides wisdom, understanding, and compassion to parents and kids.

This event is free and open to the public. It is sponsored by The Canterbury Parents’ Association.
  • Bert Fulks

    Author, "The X-Plan"

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