How to Convert to Group Piano Teaching in Your Studio.

  • What’s group teaching all about? We'll go through all the different types of group teaching available to teachers and discuss the best options for getting started.

  • How do I explain this format to parents? If you're changing to group teaching from individual lessons, getting the parents on-side is critical. Let us show you how to make this as painless as possible.  

  • How do I afford the equipment? Getting set up as a group teaching studio requires some investment, but it doesn't need to cost you millions! Find out the tricks to getting started on a budget .  

  • What does a group class look like?  The best way to understand this form of teaching is to see it in action. We're going to share with you some clips of actual group teaching so you can better understand the process.  

  • What do I do in group lessons? Running group classes is very different from individual lessons so how do you know what to do? We'll go through a number of great lesson ideas for your classes. 

  • How do I fill and segment my classes? Do I add students of mixed ages and abilities or follow a model like the school system, with same age and ability students? What happens when students leave and I need to fill a position in a class? 

  • Tim Topham

    Tim is a creator of enterprising, innovative ideas for music educators. He hosts the popular Creative Piano Teaching Podcast and speaks at local and international conferences. Tim's passion is helping teachers maximise student engagement through creativity, technology and fun. He has included chords and composing as an integral part of his teaching for over 10 years and can't wait to share these ideas with you.

  • Debra Perez

    Debra Perez has been teaching piano, mentoring teachers and helping others build group piano programs for 20+ years. Her two music schools in South Texas are focused on creating positive and enjoyable group piano lessons for students of all ages. Debra is also founder of Pedagogy in Motion, LLC, a publishing company that provides piano curriculum and group training for music teachers.

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