​​​​​​​Six Figure Playbook

​​​​​​​How to Create an “After-Office” Information Product Business That Pays You What You Deserve

Discover How to Run a One-Person Online Business From Anywhere 

  • Roadmap to Php100,000
    Find out exactly how much you have to sell monthly to reach six-figures (Hint: The answer may just surprise you)

  • Why Quitting is Winning

    How an Unexpected “Midnight Tip” Lead this Banker to Earn Php103,000 right on his very first launch without even having a product to deliver. (Fun Fact: He quit his job the very SAME DAY he got promoted… just 60 days after learning this tip)

  • Why Finding Your Passion is a LIE.

    Discover the only 2 things any business needs to succeed (and the exact steps you need to find them).

  • Allan Ngo

    Webinar Host

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