Stimulus Releif - "Getting $$$ Faster"

In this workshop you will review how to receive your stimulus relief faster by making sure you've registed on the federal stimulus website. Learn how to apply for unemployment if you've been laid off, and reivew other stimuls programs potentially available to you. 

  • Scott Mclaine

    BrightWealth Academy Founder & CEO.

  • Get Your Stimulus Money Faster

    Learn how to get your Stimulus money faste by registering on the federal stimulus website.  

  • Unemployement Insurance Benefits 

    Learn about the expanded un employment benefits, how you qualify, and where to apply. 

  • Lunch Meals and Business Disaster Loans

    Quickly review other Stimulus relief that may be available to you or someone you know. 

  • Video Replay of All Lessons

    Learn how to access the video repaly from past lessons, or lessons that you have missed. Video Library Here

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