Webinar: 30 New Ways to get 30 New Patients in 30 Days

What we’ll cover in this event...


​​​​​​​Discover new ways to ignite referrals, increase your income and flood your practice with 30 new patients within the next 30 days.

>  The PRECISE 'hooks' you should have in place to set yourself apart from other competitors

>  What you can ethically (and legally) give away to ignite a wave of referrals to your practice

>  How to set up multiple entry point funnels to peak the interest of every consumer in your community (even if they are not looking for your services)

>  The ONE statement that can effortlessly transition a patient from one service to another (in your practice) to raise lifetime patient value

>  A 'send now get referrals' letter that you can mail to all your existing patients to get new referrals immediately (this alone will pay for your investment in the entire training)

>  An under-the-radar strategy to get local physicians to start referring patients to you (even if they have never referred before)

​​​​​​​>  The 'patient conditioning campaign' which makes referrals 'an expectation' and not 'a bonus' from patients (your patient referrals will go through the roof with this campaign)

  •  A simple newsletter technique to get patients (and physicians) lining up to work with you

  • The 'referral reminder worksheet' that reminds patients to refer twice (in some cases five times) as many patients as they would normally refer

  • How to get every single staff member to transform your referral generation efforts by investing 10 minutes a day

  • Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT

    Webinar Host

  • Cheryl House RMC, CHI

    Webinar Host

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