Trace Talks #2: Certification and beyond 

About Trace Talks #2

It's not an easy topic, yet a very relevant one: the future of certifications. 

If you consider yourself a concious consumer, if you are in any way involved in sustainability in agri-food, changes are certifiers have made their mark on you. In the past decades, it were the Fairtrade's and Rainforest Alliance's of this world that paved the way towards a more sustainable agri-food sector, gently waking up a generation of conscious consumers along the way.

But are certifications reaching the limits of their current way of working? How do they relate to upcoming smart technologies, that enable a true uncluttering of food supply chains?

In this edition of Trace Talks, we will discuss the past, present and - especially - the future of certification. Moreover, we will argue how new technologies are heralding a new era of CSR. The future of food is transparent!

What you will learn:

  • Certifications: lessons learnt
     A lot of good came from certifications, but what are the pitfalls? How do we move forward?
  • Between certification and verification: where do we stand?
    What is the difference between certification and verification? And what's the value of 1st, 2nd and 3th party verification?
  • Next steps: where are we going?
    Will the future of certifications entail traceability and transparency? And how can new technologies make a difference?
  • Sander de Jong

    Managing Director, Fairfood

  • Daan de Vries

    Founder, Chaineffects

  • Channa Brunt

    Head of marketing and communications, Fairfood

  • Peter d’Angremond

    Executive Director, Fairtrade Nederland

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