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This is an ongoing  FREE series, with new webinars held every Tuesday and Thursday, where we bring you the BEST education on writing from the very BEST writers in the business!

Learn the art & craft of writing from amazing NY Times Best-Selling authors like Marissa Meyer, Jennifer A. Nielsen, Jessica Day George, J Scott Savage and more!

Who's Next?  Jeff Zentner on Giving Your Characters a Voice: the Art of Dialogue! 

   Said isn’t dead: I’ll show you how to attribute dialogue without pulling       readers out of the action

   Dialogue that breathes: I’ll show you how to write dialogue that
   sounds like it was spoken by a real human being.

   You get one wink a decade: I’ll identify some of the common pitfalls
​​​​​​​   of writing dialogue that make dialogue feel unrealistic.

Also coming soon: Best-selling authors

    + Jeff Wheeler

    + Kasie West

    + Kathryn Purdie

    + Frank Cole

​​​​​​​    + & more!

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Here's a sample of some of the most-recent webinars:

  • Overcoming Writer's AD/HD, by New York Times Best-Selling author Jennifer A. Nielsen
    Have a great idea but can't get started? Do you get bored after the initial exiting chapters? Or does writer's block keep you from finishing? Here are the tips and tricks for overcoming Writer's AD/HD so you can finally type "The End!"

  • EUREKA! The Magical Science of Ideas, by #1 New York Times Best-Selling author Marissa Meyer

    Where do authors get such creative ideas? Where did Marissa get hers? In this webinar, Marissa examines some well-known "eureka" moments (including the origins of her own books) and explore techniques that anyone can use to encourage a more creative life. 

  • 20 Ways to Make Your Dialogue "POP!" by J Scott Savage

    Jeff's webinar dives deep into the tips and tricks of using dialogue to move the story along, to deepen your characters, to further the action, and more! Your stories and characters will be even better after learning his easy-to-follow rules for dialogue!

  • ​​​​​​​Nailing Your Description, by Sara B Larson

    What’s the difference between lyrical prose and purple prose? Does your setting seem so real, so tangible, I feel like I could live there myself?

    In this class, Sara takes your writing to the next level, setting you story up for success by learning how to nail your descriptions and setting.

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