All You Need to Know About German Names

Come learn the German naming practices that will help you find, locate, and understand your ancestor. Limited spots available!

You Will Learn:

  • Spelling Variations to Identify Your Ancestor's Last Names

  • Must-Know Suffixes on Names

  • What Those Straight Lines in Names Mean​​​​​​​

  • "Rufnamen" and How to Use Them in Your Research​​​​​​

  • Nicknames and How to Recognize Them​​​​​​

  • Five More Naming Tips and Practices to Better Understand German Names!​​​​​​

Germanology Unlocked

  • Katherine Schober

    Katherine Schober is a German-English genealogy speaker, author, and translator, specializing in the old German handwriting. She is the author of “The Magic of German Church Records” and “Tips and Tricks of Deciphering German Handwriting”, as well as the creator of the online courses “Reading the Old German Handwriting" and "German for Genealogists”.

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