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Retire Financially free through Property Investing.

For many, growing old may seem like something that’s reserved for other people – a mere notion that’s a lifetime away. Yet, sooner or later, age catches up with everyone. But whether or not you live out your golden years in comfort at a place of your choosing depends very much on the decisions you make today.

  • Buy-to-let

    As for investing in property to prop up your retirement, some investors are all for it saying that buy-to-let property investment is effective as it provides both solid and on-going capital growth over the long term and a passive, inflation linked monthly income.

  • Your options

    There are essentially three different retirement options available to South Africans: sectional title, share block and life rights.

  • Demand outstrips supply

    The fact that the existing supply of retirement units is not meeting the current demand is also exacerbating the issue, which is why Fuller and various other property market players are now teaming up with developers to introduce retirement developments such as Glendowner Manor on Gauteng’s East Rand to the market.

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