Unclog your money blocks in 2023!

Manifest Money Workshop

Hey, it's Laura! This year for my birthday, I decided to offer one of my signature workshops about how to completely change your mindset around money in 2023! Learn these top 10 tips to get unstuck and learn how to tap into greater abundance!

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About Laura St John

Laura St. John radiates a positive energy that draws you in immediately. Her deepest mindset lessons come wrapped inside practical everyday tips you can apply into your life right now. She is most known for teaching people to “flip” their negative struggles and use them as fuel toward their goals. As featured in Season 4 in Selling Sunset on NETFLIX, NBC ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, TLC Family, Huffington Post, Women’s Health, FOX and ABC news, Laura St John's genius shines brightest when she helps you sharpen your imagination and step into the next version of your life starting right now. If you are feeling stuck and need to get unstuck, see past your past or current struggles, and create big changes, JOIN!

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