The $2.2 Trillion Stimulus and It's Potential Impact On Your Retirement

Is Your RETIREMENT Plan Secure?​​​​​​​

If you've watched the news lately (and most of us have), you know the stock market has experienced significant volatility in the last few months. But did you know market performance is not the only area of concern for today's financial experts? Many experts predict higher tax rates in the future, especially with the recent increase in emergency federal spending. And if you're only focused on the market, you may miss a big risk impacting the amount of income you receive in retirement.

  • How do I protect my principal balance from losses?

  • How do I reduce my tax liabilities?

  • Am I making the right decisions to secure my retirement future?

  • How much risk is the right amount of risk for my portfolio?​​​​​​​

  • Cory Chapman

    Webinar Host Cory Chapman is the author of 5 published books and a keynote speaker across various Los Angeles-based organizations, with over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. He has previously been featured on 94.7 The Wave Radio Station, Southern California's radio station with 1.3 million weekly listeners, and several financial articles and magazines. Cory's philosophy, "Keep It Simple," preaches that the financial world isn't - and doesn't need to be complicated after all. Financial advisors have the responsibility to educate their clients and simplify the financial process in a way they understand their goals and ways to pursue their desired objectives. Clients ought to trust their advisor in navigating their road map to financial success.

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