Buying Your First Aircraft

About the Seminar

Note: COPA is no longer partnered with VREF.

Everything you wanted to know about buying your first aircraft, but were afraid to ask,  will be covered in this presentation, featuring Canadian aviators Phil Lightstone and Peter Campbell.  

​​​​​​​Peter and Phil will provide a detailed presentation, helping you navigate the complexities of purchasing what would arguably be the most expensive purchase in your life, that is next to your home. The current economic climate has created a seller’s marketplace, with aircraft purchase prices escalating at an unheard of rate. Picking your first aircraft wisely will help reduce your total cost of ownership, ideally resulting in your journey to aircraft ownership being memorable (of the good kind). The presentation will include an interactive question and answer period.

  • Sharon Cheung

    Webinar Host

  • Phil Lightstone


  • Peter Campbell


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