10 proven methods that allow you to increase revenues by up to $ 200k

If you are a CEO/COO/CTO, Head of Operations / Delivery Director, or Resource / Project Manager looking for tips & tricks that will give you better control over your resources, projects, and overall profitability this webinar is for you.

About The Webinar:

On the overheated market of the software development agencies – how can one get talented developers and a higher number of clients?

A bird’s-eye view and long-term planning are key.

Every IT business goes through several stages of growth:

  • With 50 people in the team, we stop grasping what is happening in our own company.
  • Around 200-300 people – we have already built advanced processes that require proper handling.
Having a high-level perspective, proper processes, indicators, and tools are the key to successfully handle growth.

What you will get? Why it is worth signing up?

On the webinar we’ll discuss how to:

  • prevent instead of cure possible fuckups related to poor project estimation

  • get rid of the bench;

  • how not to hire on the last bell;

  • better forecast finances;

  • forecast our employees’ workload;

  • reduce administrative costs.

  • Arkadiusz Terpilowski

    Co-founder at Primetric - a resource, project, and finance management platform which is used by over 4,100 users around the world.

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