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About The Masterclass

Did you know that 80 % of people score below the minimum level of mental fitness required for peak performance and happiness? In this one-hour session, we will unpack practical ways to strengthen your mental fitness. This can lead to improved performance and happiness in both your professional and personal life. 

On top of this, corporate training experts from PepTalkHer will delve into actionable methods for leveling up at work, creating a more meaningful career, overcoming imposter syndrome, and developing confidence. 

PepTalkHer are corporate training experts who focus on leadership, negotiation, cultural change and overcoming imposter syndrome. At the top of their field for career wellbeing, PepTalkHer has worked with some of the world’s largest organisations to improve diversity, equality and inclusion. They’ve helped their audience of over 60,000 professionals get raises, promotions and find financial security. 

Founded by Meggie Palmer, PepTalkHer was created after she experienced inequality at work. PepTalkHer’s five-year mission is to see 50/50 women in leadership, and an increase in overall diversity and inclusion in workplaces. They also have a big picture vision to close the gender pay gap.  

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