Show Calling Conferences & Award Shows

About The Masterclass:

​For those who want to better understand the role of a show caller, or expand their skills and knowledge, this session extends on the knowledge of systems and processes from the session one.   This session concentrates on show calling for conferences and award shows, with a focus on: 

​​​​​​​- writing the 'show flow' document
- writing/annotating cues on a script
- briefing technical departments and operators
- running technical and dress rehearsals
- running the show and dealing with changes
- dealing with technical problems in a live show

"Gareth, thank you SO SO MUCH for your time, insight and expertise. It was incredibly enlightening to hear all the details of what goes into such a massive feat-- I could listen for hours!​​​​​​​" - Webinar Guest

About Gareth:

​​​​​​​Gareth works as an international show caller, production stage manager and show director. His company, cue2cue limited, did 60 shows in 17 countries in 2019. Some of his own Credits include, 30th SEA Games Philippines, Special Olympics 2019, Dubai World Cup Ceremonies 2017 & 18, Saudi Arabia National Day 2017 -2019, Opening & Closing Ceremonies of the 1st European Games - Baku 2015 , Dubai National Day's 43 & 44, Grand Openings of Studio City (2015), The Parisian (2016) & MGM (2018) Casino’s in Macau, Clusters of Light (UAE & Egypt) and the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Ceremonies. Gareth has also been working in educational training for over 12 years.

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New York:     Tuesday 11 August, 10:00
London:          Tuesday 11  August, 15:00
Dubai:             Tuesday 11  August, 18:00
New Delhi:   Tuesday 11  August, 19:30
Hong Kong:  Tuesday 11 August, 22:00
Sydney:          Wednesday 12  August, 00:00
​​​​​​​Auckland:      Wednesday 12  August, 02:00
25 USD   

It is recommended to have attended session 1 if you are attending session 2. 
This session is part of a three part masterclass series. 
​​​​​​​Package deal discounts are available: 
1 session: 25 USD
2 sessions: 40 USD
3 sessions: 60 USD

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Other Masterclasses in this series: 
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12 August 2020 10am EDT - Calling Large Shows and Ceremonies
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