GDA Conversations, Episode 21
​​​​​​​in collaboration with ADVISORS

What is the relationship between Portfolio Management (PfMP) and Strategy Implementation (SIP)?

About The PANEL

Portfolio Management and Strategy Implementation both focus on succeeding with  the organization's strategic objectives, leading eventually to realizing long-term visions. So what do we need both, and how are they complementary?

  • PMI Portfolio Management Professional

    Started focus on project and programs, then evolved to include operations as well, yet how much actual operations is managed under portfolio managers around?

  • SII Strategy Implementation Professional
    Has seven domains that focus on implementing strategy by operations, while not neglecting projects, with prime focus on the organization

  • Who realizes the benefits, operations or projects?

    An attempt to integrate both SIP And PfMP at the functional and operational levels

  • Mustafa El Kurdi, Operations Manager, ADVISORS

    Webinar Host

  • Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, HBR Author


  • Eman Deabil, Transformation Manager


  • Eid Albogami, VP MOMRA


  • Emad Muhaisen, Chairperson PM GDA

    Opening / Closing Sessions

  • Dr. Saadi Adra, Founder & CEO, ADVISORS


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