A Free Performance Thinking Webinar

Accomplishment Based Coaching and Supervision

About this Webinar

Learn about a unique approach to coaching for continuous development that focuses on the accomplishments, or valuable contributions, that individuals and teams are expected to produce for their organizations.  

Dr. Carl Binder, originator of this approach to management and supervision, and Shane Isley who has applied this approach in his own behavioral health company, and now as a consultant to others, will provide an overview of this approach. They will highlight the sometimes surprising benefits for individuals and organizations that come from adopting a positive culture of continuous performance improvement. You'll learn: 

• What it means to be accomplishment-based
• How coaching can drive continuous development
• Why it's better than behavior-based coaching
• How Management, Training, and HR can collaborate

  • Carl Binder, CEO

    The Performance Thinking Network

  • Shane Isley, Senior Consultant

    The Performance Thinking Network

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