​​​​​​​3 Reasons Women Leave Their Church &
​​​​​​​How Jesus Changes Everything


Are you a woman and feel any of these in your life...



This webinar is for women and men who want to learn the ways Jesus changes everything in the way He related to women.  So often, I hear of women leaving their church. Why? They say...

"My contributions were never considered."

"The men were misoginistic and excused their behaviors as being the head."

"I spoke up about my concerns and was dismissed and excluded after that."
"I was told I'm too emotional or a feminist for disagreeing."
I (Colleen) remember when I heard how Jesus related to women. The stories of His demeanor and presence led me to Him and ultimately my faith. Who wouldn't want to be at the feet of a man who gave Himself up for your sense of worth? It was so different than what I had experienced from so many men in my life.  
Come hear the ways Jesus changes everything and how that applies to your life. Whether you're a woman in need of encouragement or a pastor or man looking to learn how to engage women in your church.  This webinar is calling us back to who God has created us to be in His image.

See you on the other side!  
Colleen & Eric

  • Colleen Ramser

    Webinar Host

  • Eric Schumacher

    Webinar Host

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