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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Top 5 OVERLOOKED reasons that cause picky eating

  • Learn what picky eating is and why it happens
    We will chat about common reasons pickiness arrises and what age to expect it

  • Learn the top 5 OVERLOOKED and never talked about reasons

    Some reasons behind picky eating are talked about ALL the time, other reasons aren't chatted about so often, is one of these reasons increasing pickiness in your home?

  • First steps to regaining peace at the table

    We will chat about how to combat these common OVERLOOKED reasons and how to start today

  • Need more support?

    Mama, I gotchu! We will chat all about my Table Talk program that will help increase accepted foods for your little one, help you prevent or reverse picky eating in your home and bring peace back to meals

  • Alyssa Miller, RD

    Your mama and me RD, picky eating specialist and webinar host

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