About Our Educational Webinar
This is a webinar about politics. It is not a political webinar.

As if 2020 was not complicated enough, the presidential election is right around the corner. No matter who you plan to vote for, it is possible that your retirement could change.

Will taxes increase in 2021? What is the outlook for Social Security? What will health care look like in the next 4 years? There are many different forces that can move the stock market in a negative direction.
​​​​​​​Wall Street doesn’t like uncertainty and while you’d think an election year would fall into that category, you might be surprised.Join us for this online class about how each candidate’s policies could affect your retirement outlook.

​​​​​​​We will discuss how the election can affect:

  • Taxes

  • Social Security
  • Retirement Accounts

  • Health Care

  • Your Estate Planning

  • Mel Brandon Senior Associate Financial Professional

    Since 1991, Mel Brandon has worked in the areas of retirement preservation and income planning strategies for those in and nearing retirement. Mel works with clients across the country, structuring customized financial strategies to address issues compromising their lifestyle. Realizing there are many options available to clients, Mel is careful to listen to the needs and concerns of each client’s financial situation before delving into a solution to help reach their goals.

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