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Going Ape S#!t -
Emotional Intelligence

Stop being controlled by your reactivity and start maximising opportunities and performance. 

For more than a decade, the world’s leading research, health and management institutions have known that emotional intelligence is crucial to increasing success and performance as the digital revolution continues to change the future of work.

During this fun and interactive 90 minute session, Psychologist and Behavioural Economist Phil Slade will strengthen your emotional intelligence and further develop your ability to influence those around you, and more harmoniously collaborate to achieve better outcomes. 

 Insights into the psychology of decision making will enable you to identify your personal emotional triggers and the impact of your reactivity in conflict situations.  You will also be provided with practical tools and strategies to effectively manage and leverage your instinctive behaviour and start using this information to more effectively influence those around you.

It is highly recommended that you attend (or view online) the free event “The neuroscience of decision making” so you have a foundational understanding of the science before we deep dive into emotional intelligence.

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