"5 Steps to Go From Anxious and Drained to Calm, Confident, and Energized in Menopause and Midlife"
( . . . so your second half of life is happy, healthy, and fulfilling)

In this class, you're going to learn . . .

  • A step-by-step plan to reclaim peace of mind, recharge your energy, and eliminate the life-disruptive symptoms of midlife and menopause so you can show up at 100% for your life and for those you love.

  • Why age and hormones are NOT the REAL reasons for anxiety, overwhelm, fatigue, and dis-ease in the body and how focusing on those alone won't get you the sustainable health and happiness you want and need.

  • How my clients get out from under self-defeating beliefs and improve their confidence, motivation, and focus so they can look in the mirror and see a calm, capable, vibrant woman with a REAL smile.

  • The powerful strategy that no other coach is teaching that reveals THE BIGGEST secret to getting your SPARK back during midlife, menopause, and beyond. It's your true "super power" and it's probably something you never considered.

  • Why some women continue to feel "sick and tired" despite a healthy diet and strict exercise regimen and what our clients do to reverse this and reclaim their vitality, even if they've struggled for years.

  • And how to do ALL of this starting RIGHT NOW without hormone replacement therapy, a long list of medications, or years of talk therapy, no matter how frustrated or hopeless you've been feeling.

  • Susan Hughes, MSEd, HHP, CNC

    Sue is a Certified Nutritional Consultant, Holistic Health Practitioner, and Professional Empowerment Coach who helps women in midlife from around the US break free from anxiety, drained energy, and the life-disrupting symptoms of menopause and midlife so they can live a happy, healthy second half of life.

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