Amazon’s Buy with Prime: 

Developing a True Omnichannel Marketing Strategy Across Sales Channels​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The customer journey is fluid which means your marketing strategies need to be as well. 
In this virtual event, we'll review Amazon's Buy with Prime functionality and how e-commerce sellers can develop robust omnichannel marketing strategies that will help them scale ALL aspects of their business.
...AND, 1 lucky attendee will win a FREE Custom Landing Page Design & Development ($1,750+ value)
​​​​​​​3 lucky attendees will win a FREE Audit ($950 value) (Choice of SEO, CRO, or Email Marketing Audit)

Thursday, May 25th, 1pm EST/10am PST

  • What is Amazon's Buy with Prime, and how does it work?
    We'll dig into the Buy With Prime functionality and how it may help the conversion rate on your DTC website.

  • How can you track conversions from Buy with Prime?
    We'll go through all of the correct ways to incorporate the needed event codes so you can track conversions on any platform.

  • How can you leverage the data from Buy with Prime?
    Email list growth, audience growth, easier product launches, and so much more. We'll go through everything you can do to leverage Buy with Prime.

  • What marketing strategies can be used with this?
    We'll dive into product launches, campaign concepts, seasonal promotions, and many more ways to incorporate an omnichannel marketing strategy.

  • What else is there?
    So much more! PLUS, we're giving away A LOT! 1 lucky attendee will win a FREE Custom Landing Page Design & Development ($1,750 value!), and 3 lucky attendees will win a FREE Audit ($950 value!) (Choice of SEO, Email Marketing, or CRO Audit)

Event Presenters

  • Andrew Maff

    Founder/CEO at BlueTuskr

  • Matt Long

    Amazon Buy with Prime Rep

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