Trimming Expenses, aka "Buying Time"

In this workshop the name of the game is to buy you time and make your money last as long as possible.  You will review your monthly expenses for the next 3 months and identify which bills can be delayed for 60-90 days, which bills can be eliminated, and which can be trimed back. 

  • Scott Mclaine

    BrightWealth Academy Founder & CEO.

  • "Saving Money and Buying Time"

    Learn how to make your money last as long as possible by cutting certain expenses and delaying others. 

  • Delay Your Expenses 

    If you're runnign out of money before the end of 90 Days, then learn how to delay your Home, Rent, Auto,  and Credit Card Bills without huring your credit. 

  • Make the Decision to Cut Certain Expenses

    There very well may be a few items on your expenses list that you do need to survive.  See which items you can cut, or cut back on. 

  • Video Replay of All Lessons

    Learn how to access the video repaly from past lessons, or lessons that you have missed. Video Library Here

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