Free Webinar

How To Start Your Own Body Contouring Business

Tuesday June 15, 2021

11.30 AM - 12.30 PM EST

Discover The Steps To Launching Your Own Body Contouring/Sculpting Business From Scratch Even If ... You've Never Been In Business Before and Have Zero Experience...

Right now Body Contouring is HOT! There is so much demand but not enough people able to provide this service. What we have created are a series of very easy to follow training courses showing everyday people the skills and steps to performing these highly profitable treatments.

What You Will Learn In The Webinar

  • Why Body Contouring Services Are So In Demand Right Now

    Covid-19 has certainly made this a popular treatment for people wanting to shed those unwanted "Covid Pounds" but even before the pandemic this was a very hot topic as the treatment requires zero surgery and very minimal downtime. Right now there is more demand than supply and people are commanding very good prices for normal cavitation treatments.

  • How Much Money You Can Make With These Treatments - I'll Go Through What You Can Charge Per Treatment and How Much Per Session You Can Make

    Demand is everything and right now providers are able to charge what they want (within reason). I'll walk you through actual examples of what people are charging in this space. With less than 10 clients a week you could make up to 100K  a year (or even more)

  • Looking To Quit The Rat Race and Work For Yourself?

    Body Sculpting and Body Contouring are easy businesses to run and very low startup costs. If you're new to working for yourself and want to try something new then this could be the answer for you!

Webinar Presenters

  • Tamara C (Trainer)

    Webinar Host

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