Ticking Tax Time Bomb

About the Webinar

In this educational webinar, learn how proactive planning can keep you from giving even more of your hard-earned money to the IRS. We’ll walk through real-life case studies of people who have built a large part of their wealth in pretax retirement accounts (IRAs, 401(k)s,403(b)s, etc.) – accounts that have never been taxed, and now face the challenge of how to best take money out. Learn why most people overpay in taxes on their withdrawals; how partial Roth conversions can move your IRA from forever taxed to never taxed; and how to withdraw from your accounts by design rather than by default to minimize tax and maximize income. This course is designed for pre-retirees or recent retirees. 

  • Joseph DiSalvo

    Best Selling Author, Wealth Manager, Webinar Host

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