Women and Girls Physical Activity Webinar
Sponsored by Her Spirit
Delivered by Why Sports 

Investment in physical activity has positively impacted participation levels across the country with more people than ever taking part in some form of physical activity each week. However, research reveals that women remain less active than men. 

The gender gap needs to be addressed. We must share an ambition to raise the visibility of women and girls exercise patterns, to promote greater investment, engagement, to understand the impacts of women's health and to maintain and challenge the thinking, obstacles and acceptance of women in senior leadership positions. 

This webinar will provide information on:

​ The current women and girls activity levels across the United Kingdom. 

This Girl Can campaign and how new partners can help us evolve the programme.

Women's health, menopause and how it affects exercise patterns.

Business, the boardroom, media and commercial opportunities.

  • Why Sports

    Webinar Host

  • Yvonne Harrison

    Webinar Chair, Managing Director, Stryve

  • Lisa O'Keefe

    Executive Director, Sport England

  • Dr Ferhat Uddin

    GP with a special interest in Menopause Care

  • Kate Nicholson

    Head of Insight and Innovation, Women In Sport

  • Laura Weston

    PR and Brand Lead, Women's Sport Trust, Managing Director, iris Culture

  • Kate Dale

    Campaign Lead, Sport England

  • Holly Woodford

    Co-Founder, Her Spirit

  • Mel Berry

    Co-Founder, Her Spirit

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